Landerer & Company – Community

We at Landerer & Company, under the leadership of John Landerer, have always adopted the principle of “giving back to the community”.
Examples are as follows:

(a) Sydney University

Mr Landerer is a supporter of and is involved in the affairs of Sydney University.

The University has bestowed upon him the Honour of Honorary Fellow.

The firm sponsored a Chair in the Law School known as The Landerer Chair of Information, Technology and the Law.

He was a Governor of the Law School Foundation and was actively involved in the discussions and efforts to move the Law School from the City to the Campus.

He was a Member of the Committee set up by the University to organise the functions for the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the University.

Over the last two years the firm sponsored and paid for a “Moot Court” in the new Law School which has recently been opened and is known as the Landerer Moot Court. As mentioned below, he has done the same for the University of New South Wales.

(b) Centre for Asian and Pacific Law in the University of Sydney

In 1993 Mr Landerer approached the University of Sydney with the idea that Sydney University should become a hub for the learning of law in Asia. As a result of Mr Landerer’s idea and financial support the University of Sydney established the Centre for Asian and Pacific Law.  Professor Alice Tay (formerly the Human Rights Commissioner) was appointed the Head of the Centre.

(c) Macquarie University
  1. The Firm has funded a Chair for Business Law and Ethics.
  2. Mr Landerer has been bestowed with the Honour of Visiting Professor
  3. Mr Landerer has been recognised and honoured with a degree of Doctorate of Law (honoris causa).
  4. Mr Landerer has devoted substantial time as member of the Advisory Board for School of Commerce and Law.
(d) University of New South Wales

Over the last ten years, the Firm has been a proud supporter of the University of New South Wales and its Law School.

The Firm has funded the Landerer Fellowship in Law.

Mr Landerer has been involved in assisting the University in raising funds for its new Law School.  As in the case of Sydney University, the Firm singly sponsored and paid for a “Moot Court” in the new Law School which has recently been opened and is known as the “Landerer Moot Court”.

(e) Tel Aviv University

Mr Landerer has been Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv University for a number of years. In 2008 the University bestowed upon him the honour of Honorary Fellow.  He is currently working on a scheme to permit Australian Universities and Tel Aviv University to have reciprocal recognition rights to enable, in particular, Australian students to have the Australian University course credits recognised there.

(f) Landerer – Britain Scholarships

Some twenty years ago Mr Landerer had the idea that he wanted to give Australian post-graduate law students the opportunity to study law in a Tier One University in Great Britain. Mr Landerer originally approached the British High Commission whether they would be interested in helping to promote and share the expense of such annual scholarships.  The High Commission agreed and the scholarships have become an Annual Event and are widely applied for in Australia.

They are advertised once a year and many leading students compete for the opportunity to be granted such a scholarship. These scholarships are granted annually. The Firm not only contributes to the cost but is also involved in the setting of the selection criteria and the actual selection.

In 1997, the British Government, with the approval of the Australian Government, bestowed upon Mr Landerer the honour of the Commander of the British Empire for his efforts in connection with the scholarships.

The Scholarship Scheme has for the past few years been expanded.  In addition to the law scholarship, Mr Landerer and the UK Government have several years ago commenced the Landerer UK Arts Scholarship.

A scheme known as “Realise your Dreams” has been established. The Landerer UK Arts Scholarship forms part of this scheme.  Young talented Australians in the field of Arts and Architecture are able to realise what would otherwise be a dream.

They can obtain a scholarship to do post-graduate work in leading UK institutions of Architecture or Art.

(g) Public scholarship for Australian citizens to further studies in the field of fashion in Italy

The Firm has, upon its own initiation and in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Italy, funded an annual scholarship for Australian students to further their studies in fashion design in Milan, Italy. In order to improve relationships and understanding between Australia and Italy it was felt appropriate to award such scholarships to a gifted Australian student to experience the culture and training that a leading fashion institute in Milan could offer. In 2008, the Italian Government bestowed upon Mr Landerer the honour of Commendatore (Commander) dell’Ordine della Stella della Solidarieta’ Italiana as a sign of gratitude on its part for Mr Landerer’s initiative.

Mr Landerer was keen for young talented Australians to further their professions in leading institutions. This would provide an experience which normally would not be available to Australians.

(h) The Law Society of New South Wales

The Firm has over many years made substantial donations to the Law Society of New South Wales to promote its standing in the community. The latest examples were the production by the Law Society of a book on the topic of Elder People and the Law. Another example was bursaries for further education for aboriginal students. In 2012 the Firm enabled the Law Society to make scholarships available to indigenous Australian students to study at both Sydney University and Macquarie University.

(i) The Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Firm has made a number of significant donations to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

The Firm has made substantial donations to add works to the Federal Court/Supreme Court Library. The Firm sponsored an initiative of the Chief Justice of New South Wales namely the production of a book about the workings of the Supreme Court. The Firm’s intention was to make the workings of the Court system more understandable for lay people. The Chief Justice oversaw the project and the Firm sponsored the Project and partook in its production.

(a) Salvation Army

The Firm has been a supporter of the Salvation Army for many years. Mr Landerer, being of the Jewish Faith, felt it important for him and the Firm to be involved in Inter-Faith based charities.

Accordingly, in 2005 Mr Landerer had the idea that the Firm should partner with the Salvation Army in creating an opportunity for less privileged people to have access to fresh food at nominal prices. Mr Landerer felt he could not do this in a meaningful way alone so he approached the Salvation Army to partner him in this project. Out of this idea, Street Scene Market was created. This is a supermarket situated at the Salvation Army Building in Albion Street, Sydney. It provides groceries and fresh food to needy people at nominal prices.  It is not a “soup kitchen”. This need was already adequately catered for. It is what is labelled a “hand up” and not a “hand down” for people who have their own cooking facilities no matter how modest.  At the Street Scene Market they can buy for very modest prices food and groceries for them to prepare and use at their own home.  The scheme has been extremely successful so much so that bigger premises are now being prepared for the market to move into. The Firm continues to support the running expenses of the Market. Discussions are taking place to expand the facility to other Salvation Army premises such as Warwick Farm.

(b) The Sydney Jewish Museum

Between 2005 and 2010 Mr Landerer was President of the Sydney Jewish Museum. This Museum is a holocaust remembrance centre, an institution of tolerance, education and also provides a venue for exhibiting the contribution of Jews to Australian Society since the first Jews arrived in Sydney as convicts.

Under Mr Landerer’s presidency the Museum was extensively refurbished, its collection was expanded and its importance in Australian society was increased. Over 15,000 students from many schools in New South Wales including provincial areas visit the Museum regularly. The Museum, under Mr Landerer’s presidency, also instituted programs of tolerance learning for public institutions such as the Police Department of New South Wales.

 (c) The Central Synagogue

The Central Synagogue in Sydney is Australia’s largest Synagogue. Mr Landerer has been active in the Synagogue’s affairs and for the last 15 years has been its Honorary Solicitor.


The Firm has, for many years, been involved in the Arts. It has been a supporter of the New South Wales Art Gallery.

It is also a supporter, and Mr Landerer is an “Ambassador”, of the Museum of Contemporary Art.